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I can’t think of one service since our son, Carson was born that has helped us as much as she did. Following her advice immediately showed positive results and a month later, we are still consistently sleeping through the night! I have time for my husband and more patience for my son. My only regret is not finding her sooner.
— chrissy f.

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whether your have a newborn struggling to settle, a baby taking crap-naps, or a toddler about to embark on a nap transition, Little lamb has the perfect resource for you!


are your little lamb’s sleep patterns causing you to unravel?

We see you struggling and we're here to help.

At Little Lamb Childhood Sleep Consultants, we provide comprehensive and personalized sleep plans to exhausted parents, just like you, with the support and guidance needed to see life-changing results. So you can go back to your own sleep patterns and get the rest you need to thrive.

because a well rested family is a happy family.

i am a family physician and whole-heartedly recommend lindsey to my patients who need help with their child’s sleep, because she has helped me personally. lindsey inspired me to believe that better sleep was possible. after four straight years of babies and bad sleep, i was so used to survival mode, i hardly dared to hope for something better. despite being a physician myself with a professional knowledge of the importance of sleep, i’d lost sight of that reality for myself and my family. thanks to her skilled intervention and kind encouragement, we are now on the right track and seeing improvement in how we all feel, both physically and emotionally.
— jennifer b. graham, m.d.