are your little one's sleep habits causing you to unravel?

We see you struggling, and we're here to help. Whether it's a baby who still wakes multiple times a night, or a toddler who takes hours to fall asleep at bedtime, sleep problems cause the entire family to suffer. If you're at your breaking point and are finally ready to take the first step towards real change, click here to book your free consultation. 


But why choose Little Lamb Childhood Sleep Consultants? Why not keep trying to make progress on your own? You're probably googling "baby sleep help" for the 10th time this week, which means that the problem is not easily solved, or you would have already solved it. The fact is, effective sleep coaching takes so much more than "just let them cry it out." Trust me, I know from experience. Without the right combination of an age-appropriate schedule, optimized nutrition, and a plan that matches the temperament of your child and your unique parenting style (plus about 2 dozen other variables I look at), you can easily be setting up your child for hours of unnecessary crying. This is what happens when people say "sleep training doesn't work." But even if you have the perfect plan, it won't be effective without the support and expertise you need to trouble-shoot when real life messes with the plan.

The reason my clients are successful is because I optimize the plan to fit you and your child individually, and then follow that up with the caring, expert support you need to see life-changing results.

I often hear about the stops and starts with sleep training that happen before my clients finally contact me. This was the case with Aaron and his parents. At 2.5 years old, this spunky, smart toddler had NEVER slept through the night. Not. Once. His parents had tried different methods with him as a baby, but were unsuccessful. They were even putting off having a much-desired second child because they were too exhausted to think of starting all over again with another baby. After years of sleep deprivation for the whole family, no one was functioning in a healthy way, every one was cranky, and bedtime was a battle every night. Finally, they contacted me and we went to work on a comprehensive plan, using the "4 Rs" method (part of how I work my toddler magic), a new and improved daytime schedule, an optimized menu plan, and a new positive attitude about bedtime and night sleep.

Night 1, they followed the bedtime routine we laid out, laid Aaron in bed awake, repeated the bedtime manners, role played with his favorite toy (as part of the 4 Rs), and waited next to him until he fell asleep, independently, for the first time in his entire life! It took about an hour but HE DID IT! He fell asleep, without assistance from his parents, for the first time in his entire life! And then, to top it off, he slept ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE NIGH-T on night 1!! On night 2, bedtime was a little bit of a battle, but his parents were consistent with the plan, reached out for support when needed, and he again fell asleep all by himself at bedtime and then SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!

At our check in calls, Mom was amazed to be able to give such a great report, and we fine tuned his schedule and started working towards instituting a quiet time to give them a break during the day. It took about a week, but soon bedtime became easier and easier. Aaron now looks forward to getting in bed, falls asleep fast, and stays in bed all night! It is amazing to see what we can accomplish very quickly with the right plan and follow through support. (Read more client testimonials here.)

Or take Jeffrey, who was only 6 months old, but since the 4 month sleep regression, had start waking an average of 5 times per night, looking to be rocked and nursed back to sleep. Mom had gone back to work full-time but was barely functioning at her job. Little Jeff was also cranky and fussy, fighting all of his naps and only sleeping for 40 minutes at a time. Once we started working together, we set up his nap schedule so that it coincided with his biological nap windows, which almost immediately helped him go down more easily and sleep at least 90 minutes. Then, we chose the best sleep training method to suit his temperament and his parent's preferences (he is pretty easy going and social so we chose a method with moderate parental involvement), prepped his sleep environment and fine-tuned his feeding schedule, then embarked on night one. The plan was to do check-ins at intervals, so Mom went in at the 3 minute mark, and then the 5 minute mark, and then geared up to wait 10 minutes. But Jeffrey surprised us all and went right to sleep! He woke up several times throughout the first night, but never cried longer than a few minutes. It was a great first night, but consistency would be the key in helping the new patterns to stick. Throughout the next week, I worked with Mom and their daytime nanny via text message to make sure everyone was on board with the plan and sticking to the schedule, changing things on the fly as "real-life" came up. On night 3, he slept all the way through the night for the first time! By the end of our 2 weeks together, he had made this his new pattern, and he was also taking 2 solid naps per day. Best of all, Jeffrey was no longer cranky, and Mom started LOVING being a mom! (Read more client stories here.)

So where are you at in your story? Are you exhausted because your toddler wakes you up all night? Or frustrated by the chronic cat napper? Or are you dying for your 1 year old to sleep in past 6am? If you know you could enjoy parenting more, and your child would be happier, if you all just got a little more sleep, book your free consultation today. Take the first step towards the sleep you all need. Let me hear your story and give you some guidance on what changes to make first. You and your little one deserve it.

Because a well-rested family is a happy family.