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I was on edge. I couldn’t sleep. My baby kept me up all night. I thought she was collicky, or sick, or hungry, or was missing something in her diet, or wasn’t getting enough milk - I tried everything and nothing worked. I was at my wits end. I wasn’t myself and my husband would often be at the end of my verbal snaps, which I felt awful about. I am so grateful that I came across Lindsey. She found some things I had no idea about and the best news is, in 3 days, I WAS SLEEPING AGAIN!!!. My baby was sleeping soundly through the night and I was so rested I even had time for myself and my husband. It’s a dream come true again!! Thank you Lindsey!!!
— elizabeth m.




On edge.


Before I start working with my clients, they are beyond tired. It's not just that their baby still isn't sleeping through the night, it's that there is major fall out in other areas of their lives.


"We haven't slept in the same bed since our son was born."

"I'm snapping at my kids all the time."

"My job is suffering."

Chronic sleep deprivation isn't just feeling tired, it's being so forgetful, your boss is noticing. It's being so cranky you snap at your kids when they are just being kids. It's being so desperate for sleep that you kick your partner out of your bedroom and try co-sleeping, even though you never intended to- and it isn't working. 

but what if this could all change -

in as little as 3 days?

It’s funny when you’re in it, you can’t see through it. Lindsey could see the light at the end of the tunnel even when we couldn’t. I can’t think of one service since our son, Carson, was born that has helped us as much as she did. I feel like I googled sleep plans every night at 10 pm, 1 am and 4 am. That was our schedule for 7 months. I would try the tips and nothing helped. but we found Lindsey, and by night 3, we were all sleeping much better. and a month later, we are all consistently sleeping through the night! Thank you, Lindsey!!
— chrissy f.

The worst part is that you've tried All. The. Things.

You've implemented a solid bedtime routine.

You've moved bedtime earlier. And then later. Neither made a difference.

You try laying him down drowsy, but awake.

But your little bundle of joy is still waking you up All. Night. Long. Still taking hours to be rocked to sleep at bedtime. Still waking up before the sun.

But you feel like you should be able to figure this out yourself! Babies all just eventually start sleeping, right?

Unfortunately, babies that are up all night too often turn into toddlers who are up all night. (In fact, about half of my clients are toddlers. But don't worry, they all sleep through the night now!) The damage that happens to your relationships and to your physical and mental health in the meantime should not be taken lightly.

Our family went through a really rough patch when my two year old twins decided to quit sleeping for four months. I was desperate—absolutely nothing my husband and I did was working. I found Lindsey online and, after an initial consultation, actually had hope that things could get better. I’m SO GLAD I found Lindsey. My girls are sleeping through the night again now, and we are all much calmer and happier. I’ve already recommended Lindsey to a friend. Lindsey let me know that better sleep was *indeed* possible. We’re so grateful!”
— jennifer l.
sleeping toddler brown hair.jpeg

But here's the thing: there is hope, SO MUCH HOPE! 

I know because I've been right where you are. Desperate. Frustrated. Exhausted. Which is why I've made it my mission to help as many families stop suffering from chronic sleep deprivation and get their lives back.

With my evidence-based, personalized approach, you get:

  • a holistic, detailed plan that is fine-tuned to your specific baby and family situation;

  • a trained eye who can look for nutritional deficiencies, underlying medical issues, and those minor schedule tweaks that will make all the difference;

  • the follow-up support you need to be consistent and make changes, as needed!

  • results in as little as 3 days - or less!

I highly recommend Lindsey! Everyone in our house is so much happier because we are all sleeping now. My son would wake 2-3 times a night at 17 months and needed me to fall back asleep. The first night of sleep training was difficult, but Lindsey was available and very encouraging through the whole process. She gives you a step-by-step plan and adjusts accordingly if needed. She gives you the reassurance you need through the whole process. I never would have imagined we would all be sleeping peacefully after 1 week! Bedtime is now even tear-free!!
— laura b.

When you've tried everything else and you're still suffering, it's time to reach out for help. Don't beat yourself up that you haven't figured it out yet - just start getting excited that a good night's sleep is just days away!

That's right: my clients see amazing results within 3 days!*

*each case is different, Results may vary - sometimes sleep happens even faster! sometimes, a little slower. :)


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lindsey inspired me to believe that better sleep was possible. after four straight years of babies and bad sleep, i was so used to survival mode, i hardly dared to hope for something better. despite being a physician myself with a professional knowledge of the importance of sleep, i’d lost sight of that reality for myself and my family. thanks to her skilled intervention and kind encouragement, we are now on the right track and seeing improvement in how we all feel, both physically and emotionally.
— jennifer g. M.d.


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