Officially Certified and Open for Business!

After nearly six months of formal training as a sleep consultant, (and several years of informal experience before that) I am OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED as a Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!


I can hardly contain my excitement for this new venture! It combines my passions for good sleep, adult and child education, and ministering to families in their time of need, with practical, evidence-based knowledge, to offer life-changing service. (Read more about me here.)



I could never have imagined that God was so sovereignly leading my life and work experience over the last 2 decades to prepare me for a CAREER and CALLING where I could truly be using my PAIN (sleep deprivation and the mental/emotional/relational suffering that accompanies it) to find my PURPOSE.  I get to still enjoy being a stay-at-home mom with my 2 kids, but also pursue my calling as a work-from-home mom, helping other moms, dads, and kids THRIVE!

I want to share more about this certification program, so that my readers can be FULLY confident in my knowledge and experience as a baby and toddler sleep consultant. My program, Baby Sleep Consultant Certification Training, based out of New Zealand, is one of the only internationally accredited programs out there, and the ONLY one that requires intensive supervised work with a mentor on nearly 20 practice cases before graduation. You have to master each individual age group, from newborns to preschoolers, with real-live cases, and be signed off by your mentor on each case. This, on top of dozens of hours of lectures, writing assignments, and reading more than 10 textbooks on baby and toddler sleep. The program was designed by a biologist-turned educator, so is entirely evidence-based and covers everything from breastfeeding and reflux, to allergies and nutrition. It also gives in-depth training on every sleep training method out there, from no-cry methods to extinction, and everything in between. Whatever your parenting style and preferences are, I will have knowledge and experience on a method that will work best for your family!

Becoming certified isn't the start of my work, it is the continuation of the work I've already been doing and will continue to do with the support of many other consultants with decades of experience. Other programs allow you to graduate in mere DAYS with ZERO real-life experience. I wanted to be able to give my future clients the best service possible, so that I could make all of my recommendations with full confidence. Every plan that I write is based on the most recent evidence-based recommendations on safe-sleep, nutrition, infant learning and development, and biological sleep needs and patterns.

So, thank you stopping by the new Little Lamb Sleep Blog! Please take some time to browse the site, designed by my beautiful sister-in-law Molly Paulick. Check out the baby and toddler sleep services and read more about me here.



Lindsey McGonegal