Baby Sleep Survival Guide: Ebook

Baby Sleep Survival Guide: Ebook


In my brand new Little Lamb Baby Sleep Survival Guide, I've created the ultimate resource for sleep deprived parents - it's answers to all of your most pressing questions on teething, regression, schedules, and even explanations on how to sleep train with my 4 most popular methods!  Since I know you don't have the time or energy to ingest an entire book about all the science behind baby sleep, I get right down to it with my easy to follow method for more R.E.S.T that you can start implementing tonight! All recommendations are tried and true, evidence-based, real-world solutions that really work!


Here's a sneak peak at what is included:
- The secret sauce to finally getting your baby to sleep through the night! 
- Monthly schedules from 1-12 months; 
- The BEST way to gently drop night feeds;🤱🏼
- How to handle early morning wake-ups; ️
- How to handle the 4 month sleep regression; 
- Clear explanation of my top 4 sleep training methods and how to choose the right one for YOUR child;
- 3-2 Nap transition step-by-step;  

- Newborn sleep myth busters;

- How to tell if this method is working well for your child or if it's time to change...

- The top newborn soothing techniques – what to try when nothing is working!



I made this resource as accessible as possible and designed it with YOU as my personal client in mind. I wrote it as if I was talking to one of my cherished clients, giving you the low-down on all your pressing questions with the immediate answer that you need for the problem you are having RIGHT NOW.


What do I do if my baby is suddenly rolling into the crib and is stuck against the rails?


Should I wait until he stops teething to start sleep training?


How much day sleep is enough at this age?


How many naps per day should she be having?


Whether you're pregnant with your first and wanting to get off on the right foot, or an experienced mom who is still struggling with bedtime/cat naps/frequent night wakings, THIS IS FOR YOU!


And while my clients spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to work with me personally, I made this the most affordable way for you to get LEGIT sleep help ASAP for the cost of a few extra venti soy lattes with triple shots of espresso - because seriously, you won't be needing those any more once you're all sleeping better!


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