45 Minute Phone Call with Assessment

45 Minute Phone Call with Assessment


Tell me your story, and let’s talk through the options together. Fill out the assessment form ahead of time, and I will analyze it over the phone in a 45 minute call. Gain a deeper understanding of what is causing your sleep woes and how to start making improvements. This call is great for schedule adjustments, sleep hygiene tips, and general discussion of sleep training options that fit your family best, then start making life-changing adjustments the same day!

If you decide to purchase a sleep package, you may simply apply the cost of the call towards a sleep package of your choice (within 24 hours of the call).

“I wish I had started with Little Lamb Sleep Consultants earlier, what a lifesaver! My 6 month old son has never been a great sleeper but I wasn't sure what was normal since this is my first baby. Lindsey provided a comprehensive evaluation of his sleep patterns and gave me a personalized plan very quickly. Once I started following the plan I felt so much better and more in control because she really prepared me with what to expect. It's only been a week but his sleep has already improved drastically, I feel like a new person! Lindsey is super understanding and always available for support. I definitely recommend this service to anyone with a baby who would like more sleep- so basically anyone with a baby!” ~ Sarah and Baby Joe

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