Shepherd Me

Shepherd Me


For the parent who feels confident in their ability to follow through on a plan and a child that has only 1-2 troublespots.

  • One 45 minute initial assessment phone call

  • One personalized, comprehensive sleep plan

  • Two follow-up emails exchanges to be used within 2 weeks of plan implementation

  • One 20 minute check-in phone call, to be scheduled by parent as needed within 2 weeks of starting plan

“I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful Lindsey is! She not only has a wealth of knowledge, but is the sweetest most supportive person. She was super flexible, responsive, and encouraging throughout the entire process. She helped me get my 11 month old to drop the multiple feeds she was getting at night, and we even got my baby on a great nap schedule despite a very strong willed attitude! I didn’t realize how many pieces there are to sleep (nutrition, naps, timing, etc) and have learned so much. I wish I would’ve found her a LONG time ago! You won’t find anyone better.”

~ Madeline J.

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