Shepherd My Baby (3-18 months)

Shepherd My Baby (3-18 months)


Start sleeping through the night in as little as 3 nights! For a child who is still waking frequently through the night, not on a consistent schedule, fighting naps, needing to be nursed/rocked/held to sleep, fussy and cranky, or all of the above! Get on an age-appropriate nap schedule, teach healthy sleep habits (like falling asleep independently), and consolidate night sleep. Become that well-rested, happy family you dream of today!

  • Customized, comprehensive infant sleep plan

  • One 45 minute initial phone call, 2 additional 20 minute phone calls to be used within 2 weeks

  • 2 weeks of daily email support, so you can get the support and feedback you need to see amazing results!

  • Add on unlimited text message support!

    *All emails will be answered within 1 business day, excluding Sundays.

    *All phone calls must be scheduled in advance.

“I wish I had started with Little Lamb Sleep Consultants earlier, what a lifesaver! My 6 month old son has never been a great sleeper but I wasn't sure what was normal since this is my first baby. Lindsey provided a comprehensive evaluation of his sleep patterns and gave me a personalized plan very quickly. Once I started following the plan I felt so much better and more in control because she really prepared me with what to expect. It's only been a week but he now sleeps through the night, and I feel like a new person! Lindsey is super understanding and always available for support. I definitely recommend this service to anyone with a baby who would like more sleep- so basically anyone with a baby:) Thank you so much Lindsey!” ~ Sarah E.

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