shepherd my child at home

shepherd my child at home


For the parents who want hands-on, in-person support with implementing a sleep plan for a baby or toddler (ages 4+ months.)

  • One 45 minute initial phone call

  • In-home support for your first night of sleep training (approximately 6pm-11pm or a 5 hour block)

  • 2 weeks of unlimited text/email support 

  • Two 20 minute check-in phone calls, to be scheduled by parent and used within 2 weeks of starting plan

  • Printed out sleep plan and handouts

    *All texts/emails will be answered within 1 business day

    *All phone calls must be scheduled in advance

“I highly recommend Lindsey! Everyone in our house is so much happier because we are all sleeping now. My son would wake 2-3 times a night at 17 months and needed me to fall back asleep. The first night of sleep training was difficult, but Lindsey was available and very encouraging through the whole process. She gives you a step-by-step plan and adjusts accordingly if needed. She gives you the reassurance you need through the whole process. I never would have imagined we would all be sleeping peacefully after 1 week! Bedtime is now even tear-free!! Lindsey is very knowledgeable and truly wants to help your family get more sleep.” ~ Laura & 17 month old boy


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