Shepherd My Newborn DELUXE

Shepherd My Newborn DELUXE

  • Customized newborn sleep plan

  • One 45 minute initial phone call

  • Detailed newborn handouts on safe sleep, soothing secrets, tired signs, wake-times, avoiding the overtired cycle, and more.

  • Weekly 20 minute support calls for 8 weeks*

  • Daily email support for 8 weeks*

    *Please schedule calls in advance. **Emails will be answered within 1 day. Sundays are excluded.

“Lindsey is a compassionate mamma, childhood sleep expert and incredibly kind soul that can restore sanity to your home by helping your baby (and you) get more zzzz’s. I’ve learned so much from Lindsey in just one session, especially about the best ways to soothe a newborn and of course, safe newborn sleep practices. Not only is she super knowledgeable, but she’s relatable and practical.” ~Shannon G.

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