Sleep Support Subscription

Sleep Support Subscription

49.00 every month for 1 year

For previous clients who want on-going support throughout their baby’s first year. Baby is finally sleeping through the night, but you’re terrified that the first cold or travel to a different time zone will be the end of all your hard work! Or, they’ve already hit their first hiccup, and you’re not sure how to get back on track. This subscription is for you!

Get help with nap transitions, early morning wake-ups, travel recovery, teething and illness, day care transitions, and more.

  • 30-minute monthly phone call (a $49 value on its own!);

  • Assessment of sleep logs, to make the most of our call;

  • Emailed instructions and follow-up to make sure things are on track;

  • Use it for ANY of your children's sleep issues, even for a child who wasn't a client!;

  • Save more than 50% off regularly priced support services;

  • Bonus resources and special tips reserved for my most loyal clients;

  • A limited time offer: FREE Little Lamb First Year Survival Guide e-Book! ($29.99 value).

Lock in this low monthly rate today!

Cancel at any time. No contract or obligations.To cancel, please email within 1 week of the renewal of your subscription.