Pre-Natal/Newborn Support Package

Pre-Natal/Newborn Support Package


Most moms are so focused on being pregnant that they don’t have time to even think about reading a book on baby sleep until they are already in the throws of sleep-deprivation. Or, whatever you have time to read goes out the window when the reality of your newborn doesn't meet the "ideality" of what the books tell you. Let us break it all down for you, providing the most up-to-date safety recommendations, soothing techniques, routines and most pertinent information you need to know in 2 personalized meetings (phone or in-home*) before and after baby, as well as our best newborn handouts with the most important information you need to get started on the right foot. Makes the perfect shower gift! (For the mini newborn package, both phone calls would be after birth.)

  • Includes 1 one-hour pre-natal phone call (or skype or facetime) before baby is born, to go over safe-sleep practices, purchase recommendations, and what to expect in the first few weeks.

  • Includes 1 one-hour phone call OR in-home visit (for Castle Rock area residents) after baby is born to get all your questions answered and to talk about the best path forward.

  • Includes 2 email exchanges to be used during the newborn stage to provide support and answer questions as you implement the changes we discuss.

  • Includes a free copy of Baby Sleep Survival Guide to help you through the entire first year.

    *In-home visits may be purchased as an add-on of $125. This includes printed copies of the handouts.

“Lindsey is a compassionate mamma, childhood sleep expert and incredibly kind soul that can restore sanity to your home by helping your baby (and you) get more zzzz’s. I’ve learned so much from Lindsey in just one session, especially about the best ways to soothe a newborn and of course, safe newborn sleep practices. Not only is she super knowledgeable, but she’s relatable and practical.” ~Shannon G.

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