why you should stop reading baby sleep blogs

Your not-so-little baby is still up every 3 hours around the clock.

Your toddler seems to want to start the day every morning at 5am.

Your preschooler fights bedtime and stalls for hours, then won't stay in bed all night.

So you google your sleep problem, find another sleep blog, and look for answers. 

The only problem is, you're still googling, and you're still exhausted.

There is an incredible mass of information available, but so much of it contradicts, and very little of it is applicable to you and your child personally. It's no wonder after all this time you've spent googling and reading baby sleep blogs (even like my very own!), you still haven't found that magical solution. That's because...

Baby Sleep Blogs:

  • Are written for a general audience, (when what you need is a personalized plan);

  • Are based (often) on the author's personal experience, (when what you need is expert, evidence-based wisdom);

  • Are meant to solve one specific problem with sleep, (when what you need is a holistic approach that will give you a solid foundation for the future);

  • Are meant to be applied without any support, (when what you need is accountability and guidance each step of the way);

  • Do not address potential underlying health issues, (when what you need is a trained eye to look for any red flags so that they can be addressed by a medical professional).


It's no wonder that you are left frustrated, exhausted, and hopeless.  

My name is Lindsey, and as a mom of 2 young girls, I can offer you so much empathy! Trust me when I say, I've been right where you are. I've suffered through many long weeks and months of severe sleep deprivation, all while trying unsuccessfully to solve it myself. (Read more of my story here.)

But as a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant and founder of Little Lamb Childhood Sleep Consultants, I can offer you hope. 

There isn't a single reason why your child isn't sleeping through the night yet - there are many reasons.  And coming up with your own holistic, comprehensive plan by yourself, especially when sleep deprived, is pretty near impossible.

Your child's sleep problems truly are solvable, but I can tell you that most of these won't be solved by one blog post, or even an entire baby book. You need a personalized, expert, evidence-based approach that will get it right - the first time.

When it comes to sleep, please don't underestimate it's critical importance to your child's physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Getting enough deep sleep each night is where your child’s brain consolidates their learning and transfers their short term memories to long term. It is where their brain gets rid of waste, they process emotions and get physically restored. Letting a child’s sleep problem continue for months and even years can lead to negative effects on their behavior (think cranky, hyper, short attention span, slow reaction time, etc.) and has been linked to long term health problems like obesity, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. (Check out my resources page here for articles explaining the evidence behind all of this!)

But here's the good news. For my clients, I see MASSIVE improvements in their sleep by night 3, and life-changing results by the end of the first week*. This is because I cover every single variable that could be contributing to their sleep struggles, address it in a comprehensive plan, support you as you implement it, and set you up for major success as quickly as possible.

*Results may vary. Still worried about making this investment? ask my about my Guaranteed Results.


I'd love to hear from you and help you navigate a path forward. Please start a chat with me in the box below, or set up your free consultation. I can't wait to get started so that you can start enjoying parenting today!

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